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Computer and Programming Related Books

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Computer and Programming Related Books Empty Computer and Programming Related Books

Post  John McClane on Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:19 am

Hey guys. Hope you doing well. I am going to post some computer science related e-books for you guys here. Please comment and if you like, a thanks is always appreciated. Request are welcome.

Basic Cryptanalysis Techniques
Cryptography is a complex and mathematically challenging field of study. It involves taking some data or
message and obfuscating it so that it is unreadable by parties that the message was not intended. Before the message becomes encrypted it is referred to as the plain text . Once a message becomes encrypted it is the referred to as the cipher text . The study of cipher text in an attempt to restore the message to plain text is known as cryptanalysis.

C++ Language Tutorial
This tutorial is for those people who want to learn programming in C++ and do not necessarily have any previous knowledge of other programming languages. Of course any knowledge of other programming languages or any general computer skill can be useful to better understand this tutorial, although it is not essential. This tutorial is from

Schaums' Outline Of Programming With C++
Like all Schaum’s Outline Series books, this volume is intended to be used primarily for self study, preferably in conjunction with a regular course in C++ programming language or computer science. However, it is also well-suited for use in independent study or as a reference. The book includes over 200 examples and solved problems. The author firmly believes that the principles of data structures can be learned from a well-constructed collection of examples with complete explanations. This book is designed to provide that support.

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
As the discipline of computer science has matured, it has become clear that a study of discrete mathematical topics is an essential part of the computer science major. The course in discrete structures has two primary aims. The first is to introduce students to the rich mathematical structures that naturally describe much of the content of the computer science discipline, including many structures that are frequently used in modeling and implementing solutions to problems. The second is to help students develop the skills of mathematical reasoning to learn new concepts and material in computer science. This learning takes place not only while they are students but also after graduation and throughout their professional

Discrete Mathematics for Computing
This book is an introductory text on a number of topics in discrete mathematics, intended primarily for students undertaking a first degree in computing. The first edition of the book grew out of a set of lecture
notes of mine which were used in a first-year subject in discrete mathematics at Monash University. The subject was taken by students undertaking a computing degree with a major in computer technology,
information systems, software development or computer application development.

Discrete Mathematics with Applications
My purpose in writing this book was to provide a clear, accessible treatment of discrete mathematics for students majoring or minoring in computer science, mathematics, mathematics education, and engineering. The goal of the book is to lay the mathematical foundation for computer science courses such as data structures, algorithms, relational database theory, automation theory and formal languages, compiler design, and cryptography, and for mathematics courses such as linear and abstract algebra, combinatorics, probability, logic and set theory, and number theory. By combining discussion of theory and practice, I have tried to show that mathematics has engaging and important applications as well as being interesting and beautiful in its own right.

Don't forget to comment and say thanks. Post your request, i will see what I can do.

John McClane

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