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Splinter Cell-Double Agent

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Splinter Cell-Double Agent Empty Splinter Cell-Double Agent

Post  Junaid007 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:01 pm

Splinter Cell-Double Agent Er5741_okladka-640

By: Matthew Rorie
Design: Randall Montanari

Sam Fisher’s back, and more morose than ever. Although the life of a grizzled government operative that’s sent alone into highly secured and dangerous areas was never one of peace, he certainly never thought that he would live long enough to see his offspring die. Unfortunately, when Sarah, his daughter, is killed by a drunk driver, he has no method of coping, save for the job.

The job that’s offered him, however, is scant on catharsis and long on moral haziness. After going undercover in a terrorist organization, John Brown’s Army, that’s intent on destroying New York City, Sam is forced to act alongside the terrorists in order to earn their trust. He has to balance the fact that killing an innocent or two may save the life of millions of people down the line. But is he willing to make that kind of decision?

The game is mechanically similar to most of the previous Splinter Cells, but the balancing of trust between the JBA and the NSA, his employers, adds a bit of a wrinkle to the old equations. While you’re undercover with the JBA, you have to keep their trust in you up; if they decide you’re completely untrustworthy (such as if you simply refuse to follow their orders, or if they see you picking locks in their headquarters), it’ll be a quick ride to the furnace for your body. If you go in too deep, though, you risk ruining everything you’ve ever worked for. The choice is up to you!

GameSpot’s Game Guide to Splinter Cell: Double Agent offers a rundown on disabling enemy guards, details on all the weapons and equipment you’ll be using, and a complete walkthrough for the game. Enjoy!

Download links:



Code: Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part01.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part02.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part03.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part04.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part05.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part06.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part07.rar Tom.Clancys.Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent-DVD9-Unleashed.part08.rar


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